• Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

  • Elite Ultra mountain and Obstacle Course Racing athlete

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Founder and President - Silverdale RIOT Running Club 501(c)3 nonprofit

  • Strength and conditioning coach & Program architect, Silverdale RIOT Running Club

  • Recent accomplishments: 1st place Mountain Marathon, 6th place female Bigfoot 200, 1st place female Lord Hill 50k, 4th place female Badger Mountain 50 Miler 2018, 8th place female Diez Vista 100k, 8th place female Cruel Jewel 100 mile, 4th place female Chimera 100

  • Other accomplishments, 220 miles on the OR Pacific Crest Trail at FKT pace, 4x200 mile completitions, specialist in self-support week long trail adventures.

  •  Up Next: Overall World Record for Supported Pacific Crest Trail traverse (male or female).  This is a 2650 mile trail record. 

  • Collegiate soccer player

  • Premier level youth soccer and softball player

  • Experienced multi-day, 100+ mile, remote outdoor adventurer, land and water

  • BS Microbiology with undergraduate and graduate level education in Food Microbiology, Food Toxicology, Human Anatomy, and Public Health

  • Youth soccer coach

  • High school track athlete (400 meters, 4x4 relay, hurdles)

  • Oregon State University Athletic Department/ESL Tutor for Science and English

  • Mother of 4 little athletes

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Meet Your Coach-Becky Rogers

Rebekah Rogers

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