Rebekah Rogers

-Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

-Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach

- Founder and President - Silverdale RIOT Running Club 501(c)3 nonprofit

-Strength and conditioning coach & Program architect, Silverdale RIOT Running Club 2015-current

-Team Altra

-XOSKIN Ambassador

-Honey Stinger Sponsored Athlete

-BOCO Gear Ambassador

-Trail and Ultra Running Ambassador

-Recent accomplishments: 1st place 2018 Mountain Marathon, 4th place female Badger Mountain 50 Miler 2018, 8th place female Diez Vista 100k 2018, 8th place female Cruel Jewel 100 mile 2018

-Other accomplishments included 11th place female at Bigfoot 200 2018 **hardest 200 in North America, completion of Moab 240 Endurance Race 2017, 4th place female at Chimera 100 miler 2017.

- Current competitive ultra distance mountain runner and elite OCR athlete with multiple top 10 finishes all-time female finishes including at the 120 mile mountain ultra distance. 

-Award winning fitness writer at

- Collegiate soccer player

- Premier level youth soccer and softball player

- Experienced multi-day, 100+ mile, remote outdoor adventurer, land and water

- BS Microbiology with undergraduate and graduate level courses in Food Microbiology, Food Toxicology, Human Anatomy, and Public Health

- Youth soccer coach

- High school track athlete (400 meters, 4x4 relay, hurdles)

- Oregon State University Athletic Department/ESL Tutor for Science and English

- Mother of 4 little athletes

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