Building A Better Machine

"Becky is a phenomenal trainer! I won’t lie: when I first saw her training sessions I was a little intimidated. I saw pictures of people pulling tires and doing handstands and thought, "Wow! I wish I could be that athletic."  Even though I didn’t think I could do half of those things, I decided, what the heck and went totry out one of her sessions.  I am so glad that I decided to give her a try. She is extremely knowledgeably, encouraging, and fun to work with. Even though I was completely out of shape, she made me feel comfortable and gave me options that I could do at my current fitness level. I am doing things that I never thought my body would allow me to." 

-Crystal Castro, group crosstraining client 

"You've reminded me a number of times that it takes time to change old habits with nutrition, and you've done it in a really supportive way. I've never felt judged or lame. That's a special quality in a coach. I've worked with some of the most "popular" coaches in endurance sports, and you exceed them and my expectations in myriad ways. I really appreciate you! I think you really get a critical piece that most coaches don't address: the mental aspect of training and changing habits. If you don't do their schedules etc perfectly, they think you don't want it and write you off. You really stick with me and support me to help me change old habits. It's very cool. "

-Samantha de la Vega, Athlete and Ultrarunner

"I wanted to share this post from our RIOT running club: Just have to say that our run with Becky this morning was awesome!! I have to admit when I heard she was running with us "turtles" I was completely intimidated. But, she is the most gentle, yet encouraging, supportive runner I've ever run with! Thank you for giving us the push we needed to get through that 5 miles! For those of you who are reading all these posts and want to come out running with us, don't be intimidated; whatever level you're at - we want you here. After all, four months ago I was lucky if I could run a block. My endorphins have me on an emotional and spiritual high this morning."

-Sonja Morgan


"This is my coach. She walks the walk. I'm the athlete I am because of my hard work but she makes sure my efforts are put into training the right system at the right time with the right intensity to achieve my goals, avoid injury, and stay healthy.
She provides sport and goal specific training often adjusted daily based on morning biometric readings as well a nutrition coaching. She knows her stuff."

-Chad, Ultrarunner

"I want to give a shout out to Coach Rogers for helping me with my progress over the last month! Her workouts are producing some great results in my OCR training. In one month of her running program, I cut 3 minutes off my pace from the Charlotte Sprint to the Ohio Beast! Thanks Coach!"

-Jerad, 33rd overall elite Spartan at the Ohio Beast 2016